Everyone at one point or the other in life will have the opportunity to access an idea that will bring some form of good to humanity and make the executors famous and rich. The million dollar question now is how do I recognise an Idea that is worth pursuing? And how do I pursue it?

I therefore introduce you to this book, it is a step by step guide of how you can birth your worthy idea and sustain its growth and development. It unravels the mystery behind THE PRODUCTIVE THINKING PROCESS. In other words how to think through an idea from conception to execution and then sustenance.

I guarantee you that this book will cause you to think differently, to see differently, and to bring to life that great idea God has placed inside you.

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Jesus’ statement for us to go into the world and make disciples of all nations was not a promise but a command. Many Christians struggle in the area of evangelism not because they don’t have the desire to reach out but because they lack the required skills and ability.

I therefore introduce you  to this book “ THE PRODUCTIVE SOUL WINNER” , it is written as a guide to all who intends to improve their skills in carrying out productive evangelism; various concepts productive evangelism , how to effectively and efficiently carry out evangelical activities obstacles to evangelism and how to tackle them  and a lot more are extensively explained in this book.

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The ability of an individual, firm or government to manage its limited resources and generate the best possible result, in terms of quality output , top notched services rendered and a hosts of others will continuously make that individual , firm or government to dominate its sphere of influence.

 As Wallace D Wattles puts it in his book the science of getting rich, “people don’t get rich by doing certain things, people get rich by  doing things in a certain way”. In the same vein, people don’t generate great results by doing certain things; people become habitually productive, achieving greatness in the process, by doing things in a certain way. This invariably depicts that to generate and be consistent in generating great results; one must learn and adopt new habits that flow with the current vibes of civilization.

I therefore introduce you to this great book PRODUCTIVITY 360 DEGREEES IN 9 QUALITY LESSONS

It is reveals the unique qualities/ habits that will deliver productive results anytime any day and how each can be developed. I guarantee you that this book will cause you to think differently, to see differently, to do differently and to achieve a great results.

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